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    Make sure your property is always safe and secure, no matter what.
    With our security services, you remain in complete control over your property. Make sure nothing happens on your property without your say so, and ensure that everyone and everything within it can stay safe.
    Be prepared for anything the world throws at you, with security services you can trust. Call on Private Eyes Security today in the Oklahoma City area.

Our Services

Apartment Security Guard

You want your apartment complex to be as safe as possible for your tenants. When they live on the property you own, it is your responsibility to ensure they can do so comfortably and safely. Keep control over your property, and ensure nobody enters without your say so. Security services are integral to ensuring your tenants are living in safety and comfort.

Business Security

All of our business security personnel understand the importance of your security. We offer reliable commercial security services to meet all of our clients’ needs. We are a 24 hour a day company so we can better service you and keep you safe at all times. We have many years of experience providing unarmed and armed security officers services. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.

Event Security

All of our personnel understand the importance of your security. We offer event security to meet all of our clients’ needs. We are a 24 hour a day company so we can better service you and keep you safe at all times and at any large or small event. Whatever your security needs, are we have got you covered. Call us today and ask about our variety of security services. We will work with to make sure you have the personalized security you have been looking for. If you need a warehouse security or a security guard, contact us.

Restaurant Security

Make sure your restaurant has a dedicated security team to ensure your patrons can eat and drink in peace. Restaurants and bars should be places where patrons can enjoy their food in privacy and peace, but there are occasions where the situation can become rowdy. Don't let your patrons suffer an interruption to their evening just because some other customers are behaving boorishly, make sure you have security on hand to ensure nobody causes any trouble. Security is especially important if you operate a bar that may draw the attention of customers who are aggressive or underage. Contact us for restaurant and bar security you can count on.

Residential Security

Our residential security systems have given residents all over the area of Oklahoma City the comfort of a secure home. When out of town, the last thing you want to happen is a burglary occurrence when you are miles away from home. With our reliable security system, even when you’re out of town the system will be able to alert the authorities if your home is being invaded. Whether it's your house, or an apartment complex, we will provide you with the security team to ensure you and everyone on your property can live in safety and comfort.

Car Dealership Security

Commercial security systems are almost a necessity when it comes to a business that not only has a designated location for money, but also products of value could easily be taken and sold elsewhere. Not to mention property damage could put your business in a financial rut. This can be especially worrisome for car dealerships. Ensure every car on your property is protected with Private Eyes Security.


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